Happy Birthday, Kermit the Frog!

Today is Kermit the Frog’s birthday. I have loved him ever since his Sesame Street days long before I discovered that I was autistic. I have watched him in all the Muppet movies and productions and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Kermit the Frog has been such a comfort to me ever since I was a litle autistic girl. I remember getting the video to The Muppet Christmas Carol way back in December 1993. I was so excited that I got it. And years later I would get the DVD version for Christmas in December 2017. And just recently for Christmas last year, I got some other Muppet products with Kermit in them. Those were very exciting times in my life.

Kermit the Frog has been with me through doctor visits, quarantines, bloodworks, etc. I am so thankful that Jim Henson had created Kermit and thankful for the comfort that Kermit has brought me.

Happy birthday, Kermit the Frog! Thank you for bringing me so much comfort to me through the years as somebody who is autistic.


I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and awesome New Year as well. I know I had a wonderful Christmas.

On Thanksgiving Eve, I finished the final chapter of my book called Shadows of the Dark Crystal. The book was wonderful. I wanted to get all the Dark Crystal books because I love anything from the Jim Henson Company. I love all of the Jim Henson Company products because they bring me so much comfort. I got to watch The Jimmy Dean Show’s two Thanksgiving episodes during the month of November. I got to watch the second Jimmy Dean Show Thanksgiving episode for the first time that month.

Thanksgiving Day. I had my usual for Thanksgiving because I love potato filling and turkey so much. I watched the Thanksgiving parade on Thanksgiving morning and I got to see the Sesame Street float, which is always my favorite float. Ashley and Zach came over to have Thanksgiving dinner with us. It was a wonderful time filled with laughter and love. I watched The Muppet Christmas Carol multiple times as soon as I was done taking my shower.

Christmas Eve. I went to the Christmas Eve service. I cried the entire service because I felt agitated. After the Christmas Eve service I watched the movie called The Polar Express immediately after watching It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie. We had popcorn and cheese balls during The Polar Express. After The Polar Express was over I watched the movie called The Muppet Christmas Carol on Disney XD. I loved watching it, and when it was over I went to sleep.

Christmas Day. We opened our Christmas presents at 10am that morning. BBB and Courtney came in from Wisconsin for Christmas. I got the books called The Muppet Christmas Carol: The Illustrated Holiday Classic, The Twelve Days of a Muppet Christmas, Kermit’s Christmas Tree, Elmo’s Merry Christmas, The NIght Before Christmas on Sesame Street, Flames of The Dark Crystal, and A Sweet Christmas on Sesame Street. I got the DVDs to A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa, Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas, and the Fraggle Rock DVD called A Merry Fraggle Holiday. I got a Muppet Christmas sweater which I wore on Christmas Day, a Muppet Kermit the Frog Christmas ornament, a pair of Sesame Street pajama pants, the DVDs to Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary celebration and the Sesame Street Dance Party DVD, and I also got a Sesame Street tshirt. I got a puzzle of Times Square and some lottery tickets. I also got a Muppet backpack with only three Muppets on it. I had a big Christmas breakfast. We didn’t have ham this time because the ham had been sold out.



New Year’s Eve. I had a bowl of noodles for supper. I watched the fireworks on my tablet that day. The fireworks were beautiful. I watched the ball drop on my local ABC station.

New Year’s Day. We had pork and sauerkraut for lunch and dinner. I watched the Mummers Parade on TV and some Muppets/Henson Company movies on my tablet at the same time. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. It was amazing and a lot of fun.

Jim Henson Day 2019

Today is the day that Jim Henson was born. He was born in 1936, which was several years after both my grandparents were born. I was glad I got to celebrate Jim Henson’s life by watching the Jim Henson Company production of The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance and Sesame Street which is Sesame Workshop, formerly known as Children’s Television Workshop.

Jim Henson was a kind man. He cared about everybody, and he showed appreciation for each and every person. He taught me so much. He taught so many people so much. He has inspired me to be kind to everybody, to be creative, and to love all kinds of people no matter who they are, and no matter what their differences were. He was a warm and wonderful man. And not only that, he has given me so much comfort through his Muppets as somebody who is autistic.

I am so thankful for Jim Henson, because of the comfort his Muppets have given me. Whenever I have a meltdown, I watch any Jim Henson Company production, or Muppet production, or Sesame Street, and I am a lot calmer as soon as they are turned on. I love that Jim Henson has given me so much comfort through these characters made in the Jim Henson Company because they are just so amazing. I love watching these characters on TV and DVD and I always get a sense of comfort through the characters. I am glad that I get to watch these productions on DVD, because they have been such a comfort to me through the years.

When I watch a Henson Company production, I always get a sense of comfort through these characters that Jim Henson or a Henson Creature Shop employee has made. When I was a little girl, I used to watch Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and Muppet Babies and that was when I knew that they would give me a sense of comfort. That was when I knew Jim Henson and his shows and movies would forever hold a special place in my heart.

The Muppets, the Sesame Street Muppets, and the Henson Company puppets will always be my friends and our family no matter what. They mean so much to me and so does Jim Henson. Jim Henson would have loved me if he and I were to meet each other. I know that he had a tender heart and a kind personality. He is in heaven with Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Jery Juhl, my grandparents, Mr. Kiffer’s parents, my aunt JoanAnn, and my great-uncle Lester. I’m sure that they are making puppets and doing some puppet shows for everybody in heaven right now.

Happy birthday in heaven, Jim Henson. Thank you so much for being such a comfort to me through your puppets. You have given me so much comfort, and everybody else so much joy. You mean so much to me and have brought joy to so many people and also me. I am eternally grateful for your kindness, and most of all, you. See you in heaven, Jim Henson.

Happy 60th Birthday, Steve Whitmire

Dear Steve Whitmire,

Where do I even begin? You are one of my heroes and favorite puppeteers. When I was a little girl I used to watch your performances as a Muppet performer. I think about all the times when I got the videocassette to The Muppet Christmas Carol for Christmas 1993 and watched it, when I watched Muppet Treasure Island with my classmates in fourth grade, when I watched Fraggle Rock at my late grandmother’s old house with my brothers and sister, and so on.

As an autistic adult, I find so much comfort in the characters you have played over the years. I loved watching the music video to Kokomo from on the Muppet Beach Party album I like to listen to every summer. Every Friday I love to watch Fraggle Rock and enjoy watching Wembley and Sprocket. I love watching Bean Bunny in The Tale of the Bunny Picnic every Easter season. I especially love watching your characters in Muppet productions.

You and your characters have meant so much to me through the years. It has been a priviledge to watch your characters in my autism journey, and they have comforted me when I have meltdowns. I love watching the behind the scenes videos on YouTube of you and the Muppet performers when you worked with the Muppets. Your characters have brought me so much comfort throughout my autism journey. I have so many wonderful memories of watching them, and I am forever grateful.

Happy 60th birthday, Steve Whitmire. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a comfort to me through your characters.

Birthdays, Fairs and Festivals

I had so much fun last month which was August. On my birthday I went to Shady Maple with my mother. We had donuts, eggs, bacon and hash browns. The hash browns were delicious and instantly became my favorite at Shady Maple. The custard filled donut was also my favorite too.

After breakfast we went to the Berkshire Mall to pick up some Muppets/Sesame Street/Henson Company products with my birthday money that I got from my dad.I was really excited to find The Muppets Take Manhattan and immediately picked it up when I found it. I also picked up Farscape and Fraggle Rock while I was at FYE, same place where I got the DVD to The Muppets Take Manhattan. The day before my birthday Mr. Kiffer got me the DVD to The Great Muppet Caper on DVD. I was really thrilled seeing it and got to watch it on the same day I got it.

A few days later after my birthday, I went to the Kutztown Fair. I had so much fun there. I had an amazing time. I got to watch a concert, pet some farm animals, and have a mushi apple. The next day I got to eat the mushi apple since I put it in the fridge.

On Saturday, I got to go to the Hamburger Festival in Hamburg, Pennsylvania with my mom and aunt Debbie. I got a pretzel burger, a stick of sliced potatoes and a milkshake. It was so much fun and a wonderful day out. I also got to see a Reba McEntire impersonater. She was really good. I got some tattoos on my left arm and that was fun as well.

I loved my birthday. It was wonderful and I’m so glad that I got to get out there. I also loved going to the Kutztown Fair and Hamburger Festival. Both were wonderful and I hope to get there next year. I hope I get to go to the Hamburger Festival too, most of all, because I loved that so much. I really enjoyed myself when I was there.

A Wonderful Day

Yesterday I went to see The Muppet Movie in movie theaters. I was so excited that I was able to go see my Muppet friends on the big screen! I showered, brushed teeth, got dressed and was ready to go. I watched The Muppets Go to Hollywood yesterday before going to the movie theater to see The Muppet Movie. It was such an exciting day for me yesterday. I loved every minute of watching The Muppet Movie just as much as I did when I watched it with my grandmother and my cousin’s son. I’m so glad that I got to go see it in movie theaters.

I loved the songs, the cinematography and, of course, the Muppets. Mr. and Mrs. Kiffer and I went to see it and it was great. I wasn’t born when the Muppet Movie first came out in 1979 but I really loved it so much. If I could go again, I would. The Muppets are such a comfort to me through my autism journey. If Jim Henson were still alive I’d thank him for bringing me so much comfort through his Muppets.

After we went to see The Muppet Movie in movie theaters, we went to Bojangles. I love the chicken there. I got chicken strips, fries and a biscuit. They were so yummy!!!! They didn’t have any root beer at Bojangles but they did have Sierra Mist, so I got that. I was gonna get the Lipton iced tea but they didn’t have it either, but they had Legendary Iced Tea. I prefer Lipton Iced Tea because that’s what the Muppets drink

The Muppets are and always have been such a comfort to me through my autism journey. Whenever I’m having meltdowns I can always watch the Muppets and they help me feel so much better. They really help me whenever things are overwhelming for me. I’m thankful for not only the Muppets but for Jim Henson as well. He made the Muppets to comfort me and make me feel so much better when I am having meltdowns. I watch the Muppets constantly to keep myself from melting down. That way I could take my mind off of things.

Whenever I hear Kermit the Frog sing “Rainbow Connection,” I start to calm down. And I listen to him sing and play the banjo. When I listen to him sing that song, everything becomes okay again. I am thankful for the Muppet performers that have worked so hard on this movie. I am thankful especially for Jim Henson.

Finally Settled In

It’s been too long. Mom and I are finally settled into our new apartment. We moved on December 9th, 2018. We have a microwave, a TV for the living room, a Roku box so that I can watch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on August 30th, and two DVD players. I love our new home and I am glad I get to finally live there.

I got some more Muppets and Sesame Street products to add to my Muppets/Sesame Street/Henson Company collection. I have a new craft table to work on my crafting and drawing. I also have some new markers for future Inktobers. I still get to drink some water from my big cup. I am not allowed to eat snacks in my bedroom unless it’s in my new plastic dish because I am a messy person.

I am back to blogging and I will do a new vlog from my new apartment sometime soon. I am looking forward to all the new things I am gonna experience sometime soon, and I will think of new craft projects I can work on in the days to come. I will be blogging until bedtime at my new time, 9pm, Mom wants me to go to bed at that time now, because it’s my new bedtime.

I am also looking forward to new Muppet productions this fall for me to watch on my Samsung Galaxy tablet on KimCartoon, my favorite website for Muppets/Sesame Street and Henson Company productions. My younger brother and his girlfriend moved to Wisconsin so I will be staying overnight in the summertime. My cousin Jaide and her fiancee are now married and will be having a baby in July. And as for me, I went to Ollie’s with my friend and his wife last Tuesday to buy some Muppets/Sesame Street products. I tried to find some Henson Company products at Ollie’s but sadly they weren’t there. I did however get a drawing book.

I also got an Amazon.com gift card from my choir teacher Mimi. I was so excited, because I get to buy myself some Muppets/Sesame Street/Henson Company products!!! I brought thirteen of them, and will soon be getting them in the mail. I love my choir teacher Mimi because she’s so much fun.I hope that this fall I will get another Amazon.com gift card so that I can get some more Muppets/Sesame Street/Henson Company products.

My Mother and I Will Be Moving with My Older Brother

My mother and I will be moving in with my older brother this Friday. She and my stepdad are divorcing which is the reason why. The good news, though, is that I will be taking my Muppets/Sesame Street/Henson Company products along with me. I will not be online the next couple of days because the Internet will not be on at the house I am at, and I will be packing up my things for the move.

Happy 49th Birthday, Sesame Street!!!

Today is Sesame Street’s birthday. I have been watching Sesame Street all day today to celebrate. I am glad that I did that this year, and last year I didn’t do that. Anyway I’m glad to celebrate the 49th year that Sesame Street is on the air. As an autistic adult, I have enjoyed this TV show for many years. I am a late bloomer when it comes to Sesame Street, though. I was born in 1987, which is a few years before Jim Henson passed away.

I want to be a collector of Sesame Street books, DVDs and paraphernalia. I’m glad that I own a couple of Sesame Street DVDs. I watch them daily nowadays so that I don’t have any meltdowns and feel overstimulated. As an autistic adult, I enjoy watching the DVDs, and watching Sesame Street and its DVDs bring me so much comfort. I love watching them because they give me a sense of comfort that nobody else can. I love Sesame Street so much because it also gives me so much comfort.

I am thankful that the late Jim Henson gave us Sesame Street. I’m thankful for Sesame Street because it gives me a sense of comfort that nobody else can. I buy Sesame Street products with my SSI money. I get the DVDs and women’s apparel. I also get their stuffies. And I do some amazing artwork that’s Sesame Street related. I am looking forward to the rest of this year and the year 2019, because I will be getting more Sesame products for Christmas, and I will be getting Sesame products in 2019 as well. I’m especially excited about getting the Sesame Street pajama pants that I have asked for for Christmas this year.

I love all of the Sesame Street Muppets, but I especially love both Big Bird and Ernie. Big Bird was once played by Carroll Spinney, and Matt Vogel is his new performer. Matt Vogel also performs the Count and Mr. Johnson. Ernie was originally played by Jim Henson, then Steve Whitmire and Billy Barkhurst performed Ernie after that. Peter Linz performs Ernie now, and I really love Peter as Ernie. He does a great job with the part and I am so glad that this year I finally get to watch him perform Ernie on my iPod Touch.

I love Ernie because he’s so funny, kind and believes in the power of imagination. I love when he does things to tick Bert off, and it makes me laugh because he’s the funniest Sesame Street Muppet there is. I love Bert and Ernie both because they make me laugh. They bring me so much comfort through my autism journey, and I really love that and I love that they give me so much comic relief from the sad stories of autistic/disabled people being killed by caregivers. I love that they bring me both comfort through the meltdowns that I have and the comic relief from all the ableism and the prejudice against us autistic/disabled people.

When I’m upset, agitated, tired or close to having a meltdown, I watch Sesame Street to give me comfort. I love all of the Sesame Street Muppets because they are my friends. I sing along with them, laugh with them, cry with them, and have fun with them. I love responding back to them when they talk to me through my TV and iPod Touch screens. I am also looking forward to watching the new documentary called “Street Gang”

Thank you, Sesame Street, for being such a comfort to me in my autism journey. I am glad to be a fan of Sesame Street. Here’s to 49 more years of laughter, love and all-around awesomeness.

Finding Comfort in the Muppets as an Autistic Adult

As an autistic adult, I have special interests. One of them is the Muppets, and the other two are the Jim Henson Company productions, and Sesame Street. I love all three of these and they mean so much to me. They have been such a comfort to me through the years.

Anyway, I love the Muppets and Sesame Street a lot. They have given me such a comfort that nobody else could give me. The Muppets and the Sesame Street Muppets are my friends, and I love when they make me laugh. They help me through my meltdowns. They are such a comfort to me, and I wanna thank Jim Henson for creating them so that I can be comforted through my autism journey. I love them a lot, and they love me, too.

My favorite Sesame Street character is Ernie, now that Peter Linz is performing him. I love Ernie so much because he is so funny, so kind and so imaginative. I love the songs that he sings by himself, but mostly I love the song called “Up Goes the Castle”. Every time I hear that song I cry happy tears, because of Ernie’s belief in the power of imagination. I love the fact that Ernie can imagine anything, anything in his own way. And it makes me laugh how his friend Bert is annoyed by him!

I will be getting some more Sesame Street and Muppet products for Christmas this year. I am so excited about getting the Electric Mayhem hoodie sweater for Christmas, as well as the Muppet Christmas heads sweater. I also can’t wait until I get some more Muppet and Sesame Street DVDs and plushes. I’m thinking about having Mr Kiffer get me the Pepe the King Prawn book I want called “It’s Hard Out Here for a Shrimp.”

My favorite Muppet is Walter. I’m in love with him. My love for him is as deep as an ocean. I can relate to him so much as an autistic adult. I feel so much like him, because I feel as though the world wasn’t really meant for me. People treat me like I’m less than or othered, and that’s not right. I’m waiting for my moment to show the world who I am. I know that I’m different, and because of the ableistic bigotry, I find it frustrating. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a Muppet.

I love how the Muppets either talk or sing to you through the screen, as well as the Sesame Street Muppets. I always answer back to them when they talk to me through the screen. I love doing that, and it’s a lot of fun doing that. I love watching Muppet movies and drawing pictures of all of the Muppets, which is fun too. I am thrilled that I get to enjoy everything Muppet-related and Henson Company related and Sesame Street related. I love the Muppets, Sesame Street and Henson Company puppets because they bring so much comfort to me. I watch Sesame Street all day and all night every day except for Fridays. And I watch Fraggle Rock every Fridays, and most of the time I watch the Henson Company productions every day.

I think that I am a Muppet. Maybe an honorary Muppet too. 🙂