Thanksgiving 2021

I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Eve, I went to church and sang a few songs from choir practice. The Thanksgiving Eve service was great. I can’t wait until we all get to rehearse for the Christmas Eve service next Thursday. My friend Mr Kiffer got to do a speech, and it was wonderful and funny.

Today I got to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the dog show. I actually watched them on the Peacock app. They were both amazing and I’m glad that I got to watch them after watching them on my tablet last Thanksgiving. I was really excited that they were both gonna stream on the Peacock app because Mom doesn’t have cable for our apartment any longer.

My older brother deep-fried a turkey for Thanksgiving this year and we all got to try it. I tasted it for the very first time. I got a really huge piece of the turkey. I tried to eat it but I ended up being full!!!

I’m thankful for all of you. Thank you for your ongoing love and support in my autism journey. I love you all very much and you all mean so much to me. Always cherish every single moment that you have with your family. Please take the time to make somebody feel loved.

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