Camping Then and Now

Every summer when I was a little girl I used to go camping with my grandparents. I had a great time going camping, and we went to Virginia for camping trips. I loved it so much. I listened to music at the time. I usually listened to the Wee Sing tapes and Golden Book tapes. They were such fun times, going camping with my grandparents.


Sadly in 1995, the camping trips stopped and my grandfather had developed a heart problem. He died in 2003 and things were different then. There was no way any of us could go camping ever since Pappy had a heart condition. Times were hard for all of us.

We did however go to Mary Ann and Johnny’s house before Johnny died.

On Friday, we finally went on a camping trip. This time the camping trip would involve a cabin in the Poconos. I was not allowed to bring my Sesame Street blanket because it was smelly. But I did bring my Sesame Street pillows. We went on the camping trip to the Poconos as soon as my sister Ashley came to my apartment. Then we were packed and ready to go.


It was hot in the cabin the entire time we were there. We were all sweaty by the time we went home. I enjoyed being outside in the nature that weekend. It was a good feeling even though the flies bothered me. I had a great time going camping. The coolest part was when Ashley turned on some Disney music for me and O to listen to.


We didn’t go to the lake on Saturday. We didn’t go to the other lake either because the lake didn’t allow any dogs. We brought our dogs Sophie and Toby along for a ride but we didn’t go to any of the lakes. My sister Ashley got me a Sesame Street coloring book and a Muppet Babies Kermit toy for my birthday. I was really happy about that because Sesame Street/Muppets/Henson Company productions are such a constant for me.


By the end of the day on Saturday I had my favorite campfire snack which is s’mores. I love those. They are my favorite campfire snacks because they’re so yummy. We had breakfast outside too. We had bacon and eggs.


On Sunday we went home and on our way there we stopped at Burger King and ate some croissan’wiches. I had the sausage, egg and cheese croissan’wich. When I got home I watched Muppet Treasure Island four times. I thought it was the best weekend camping trip, and I was glad to go even though I didn’t bring my Sesame Street blanket.

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