Dave Goelz Autographs, Italian Festival and the Halloween Parade

Last month I was so excited to recieve some autographed pictures from Dave Goelz. I recieved a message from his wife, and she told me that he asked her if I wanted some autographed pictures. I said a resounding “yes!” so I recieved them a week later. I was thrilled!!! I opened them as soon as my mom gave me the enveloped package. There was a short and sweet note from Dave and this is what it said.

And then came the autographed pictures!:
Boy was I thrilled to have gotten them!!! This was one of the most wonderful moments of my life. I was so excited to recieve them!!! Thank you so much Dave Goelz!!!

We went to the Italian Festival in mid-September. I loved the pizza and cannolli there. We listened to some music there too. i brought my Kermit the Frog plush with me as a comfort aid. The pizza and cannolli were so yummy. There was Frank Sinatra music playing too when the band that was there had taken breaks.

Then earlier this month I went to the Halloween Parade in Temple. I brought Walter and Gonzo with me as my comfort aids and I also brought my noise cancelling headphones with me. It was such a wonderful parade, and I’m glad that I got to enjoy it with my noise-cancellation headphones on as well as my comfort aids. I got a lot of candy that night!!

The day after we had breakfast at the Fifth Street Diner. I had dippy eggs, toast, home fries and bacon. My sister gave me some toast to dip it in the wet yolk. On Friday I watched Muppets Haunted Mansion twice. Every night so far I have been watching it to help me fall asleep. Thanks to Peter Linz, Eric Jacobson and Matt Vogel it worked!!!

My choir teacher Mimi gave us a week off from choir so I’ll be building puppets again soon.

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