The Textures That I Like, Part Two

This is part two of the blog series I’m writing called “The Textures That I Like.” This blog discusses the fabric textures that I like. It mentions plant and animal textures as well and not just fabric textures. Like I said before, this is for educational purposes, not to get pity.

Soft, fuzzy textures: I like the feeling of cotton, silk and satin. I like to feel my teddy bears because they feel soft and comfortable. My pink and brown teddy bears with the long legs are really awesome, because they calm me down when I have meltdowns. I also like to feel cotton blankets and fleece sweaters. Heavy blankets are my favorite in the wintertime, and they feel soft and nice. I like bathrobes, my fuzzy pink chair, and the mousepad that I have on my computer desk.

Wool textures: I hate wool textures. When I have a wool sweater on, it always itches. One time, when I was in school, I wore a wool sweater, and it itched me so bad that I wanted to get a fleece sweater. I am so glad that I never have to wear a wool sweater again. I am hoping that I don’t have to get one in the store the next time I go shopping with Mom.

Fluffy textures: I like the feeling of my dog Sophie’s fur, and I like the feel of other dogs’ furs as well. I also like feeling cat furs from different sorts of cats. Dogs and cats always feel silky soft.

Prickly textures: I hate the feeling of thorns on cacti and roses. They hurt my hands and fingers a lot. I am not a fan of them at all. Bee stings hurt me as well. I hate prickly textures.

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