The Textures That I Like Part Three

This blog is about the textures that I like nature-wise. It also talks about how I like my food. For educational purposes.

Hot textures: I am not a fan of weather that is way too hot. I like to go outside in 75-degree weather, as long as it’s not too hot at that temperature. I like when my food is hot, but at a level where it doesn’t burn my mouth. The heat is too much for me weather-wise because of my autism.

Cold textures: Air conditioning is fine, but when it’s too cold in my bedroom, I turn the fan on so that I don’t get too cold. When it gets a little warmer in my room, I turn the air conditioning back on.

Foamy textures: I like bubble baths, and liquid soap. I like shampoo, conditioner, or liquid soap between my fingers. I love to play with foamy textures because it’s really soft.

Hard textures: I like to walk barefoot on concrete when it isn’t too hot or too cold to do it outside. I have to put my socks on if I step on cold concrete, because my feet get cold easily. I hate stepping barefoot on little stones and rocks.

Smooth textures: I like to walk barefoot on grass as long as there aren’t any bees outside. I also like to walk on hardwood floors with a glossy finish on them. They feel nice.

Ripply textures: I like to go to the beach to feel ripples near my feet when the waves crash. They go around my feet and stuff like that.

Grainy textures: I love sand. I love to walk on sand. I love to make sandcastles and put piles of sand on other people. That’s another thing that I like about going on the beach. The sand.

Soft textures: I love feeling flowers because they are so silky. The flower petals are silky to the touch as well. I also like to feel pussy willows. They feel very nice and soft. I like to feel them every spring.

Rough textures: When I go outside, I scratch my back with trees when it itches sometimes. It helps my back when it feels itchy.

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