A Wonderful Day

Yesterday I went to see The Muppet Movie in movie theaters. I was so excited that I was able to go see my Muppet friends on the big screen! I showered, brushed teeth, got dressed and was ready to go. I watched The Muppets Go to Hollywood yesterday before going to the movie theater to see The Muppet Movie. It was such an exciting day for me yesterday. I loved every minute of watching The Muppet Movie just as much as I did when I watched it with my grandmother and my cousin’s son. I’m so glad that I got to go see it in movie theaters.

I loved the songs, the cinematography and, of course, the Muppets. Mr. and Mrs. Kiffer and I went to see it and it was great. I wasn’t born when the Muppet Movie first came out in 1979 but I really loved it so much. If I could go again, I would. The Muppets are such a comfort to me through my autism journey. If Jim Henson were still alive I’d thank him for bringing me so much comfort through his Muppets.

After we went to see The Muppet Movie in movie theaters, we went to Bojangles. I love the chicken there. I got chicken strips, fries and a biscuit. They were so yummy!!!! They didn’t have any root beer at Bojangles but they did have Sierra Mist, so I got that. I was gonna get the Lipton iced tea but they didn’t have it either, but they had Legendary Iced Tea. I prefer Lipton Iced Tea because that’s what the Muppets drink

The Muppets are and always have been such a comfort to me through my autism journey. Whenever I’m having meltdowns I can always watch the Muppets and they help me feel so much better. They really help me whenever things are overwhelming for me. I’m thankful for not only the Muppets but for Jim Henson as well. He made the Muppets to comfort me and make me feel so much better when I am having meltdowns. I watch the Muppets constantly to keep myself from melting down. That way I could take my mind off of things.

Whenever I hear Kermit the Frog sing “Rainbow Connection,” I start to calm down. And I listen to him sing and play the banjo. When I listen to him sing that song, everything becomes okay again. I am thankful for the Muppet performers that have worked so hard on this movie. I am thankful especially for Jim Henson.

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