Birthdays, Fairs and Festivals

I had so much fun last month which was August. On my birthday I went to Shady Maple with my mother. We had donuts, eggs, bacon and hash browns. The hash browns were delicious and instantly became my favorite at Shady Maple. The custard filled donut was also my favorite too.

After breakfast we went to the Berkshire Mall to pick up some Muppets/Sesame Street/Henson Company products with my birthday money that I got from my dad.I was really excited to find The Muppets Take Manhattan and immediately picked it up when I found it. I also picked up Farscape and Fraggle Rock while I was at FYE, same place where I got the DVD to The Muppets Take Manhattan. The day before my birthday Mr. Kiffer got me the DVD to The Great Muppet Caper on DVD. I was really thrilled seeing it and got to watch it on the same day I got it.

A few days later after my birthday, I went to the Kutztown Fair. I had so much fun there. I had an amazing time. I got to watch a concert, pet some farm animals, and have a mushi apple. The next day I got to eat the mushi apple since I put it in the fridge.

On Saturday, I got to go to the Hamburger Festival in Hamburg, Pennsylvania with my mom and aunt Debbie. I got a pretzel burger, a stick of sliced potatoes and a milkshake. It was so much fun and a wonderful day out. I also got to see a Reba McEntire impersonater. She was really good. I got some tattoos on my left arm and that was fun as well.

I loved my birthday. It was wonderful and I’m so glad that I got to get out there. I also loved going to the Kutztown Fair and Hamburger Festival. Both were wonderful and I hope to get there next year. I hope I get to go to the Hamburger Festival too, most of all, because I loved that so much. I really enjoyed myself when I was there.

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