I Had a Stepdad Who Was Cruel to Me

When my mom and BB were married, after BBB was born, my stepdad BB started being mean to me. He pulled my hair, pinched my two legs, and hit me. I don’t know why he started being mean to me. He was very kind at first, but that all changed after BBB was born.

One time, BB told me he would break my fingers if I touched the curtains that were in the kitchen. And when I flopped down on a chair another year, he said “Don’t break the chair or I’ll break you.” He had treated me kindly before, but I don’t know why he started being mean to me after BBB was born. I also got flack for touching the 3 Musketeers mini-bar.

It was horrible living with him. I had to deal with all of the hatred from him. The first years that he and Mom were together, he seemed really kind and I don’t know why he changed into a mean man. I liked his family back then, because his family was a lot nicer. His parents, sisters and brothers were nice. I liked them a lot.

I liked going to the Fourth of July and Labor Day picnics and the Christmas parties every year from 1993 until 2001. I liked eating the chocolate peanut-butter bars that K made at the picnics. I liked eating the peanut butter blossoms at the Christmas parties at K’s house. I really liked that. Every year I had a good time there.

There was a lot of verbal abuse from him too. He either told me he would break my arm or knock my teeth down my throat. I hated what he told me. I wasn’t happy with how he treated me. He had never treated me or my brother J like that before BBB was born.

Mom and BB divorced in 2001, and Mom, my family and I moved out in 2002. We lived at my grandmother’s house for a couple of months, which led into the summertime. I was glad to get away from BB, and glad to be free of him, because he never understood my autism.

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