Had a great start to my weekend…

The week was really good. I have to say it was more than good. It was great. The past two weeks were amazing. Speaking of weeks, I am looking forward to the days that are to come during this one.

On Thursday I participated in the Justice for Kayleb campaign, and I was glad I participated in it. I am autistic myself and I wanted to participate in it. But sadly I got two hurtful comments on my facebook page regarding the campaign. I deleted them and blocked the person who had posted them on my wall.

I am thankful that I participated in the Autism Positivity Flashblog as well. I will be participating in the flashblog every year, now that this years flashblog submissions are over. I was really excited to know that my essay and I on the Autism Positivity flashblog were mentioned on Wretched Radio, But the other most exciting part, was that my drawing of Todd Friel was mentioned on Wretched Radio, too!!! I can’t wait until I tell everybody at choir practice on Wednesday night this week.

Also that day, my nephew and I were making letters for his bedroom. He wanted to spell the word “Instagram” with the letters, by that I mean he wanted to make letters of the word Instagram out of construction paper after the website of the same name. We did it together while we were both listening to Wretched Radio. We had a blast making the letters!

I am thankful for Todd Friel and the Wretched Gang. I hope they can post my picture of Mr. Friel in his radio studio on the Wretched website once it’s scanned. It’ll be nice to see. I hope I can see it one day.

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