Happy Fall!

Happy fall! Choir has started for the year and I am so excited. I get to learn new songs and play new games in choir. I’m very excited and looking forward to the new choir year. It will be a blast. I also can’t wait until the cool temperatures start again tomorrow.

I had a great summer. I got Erik Forrest Jackson’s Muppet Phantom of the Opera book. I went to Maryland for my birthday and ate the crab cake sandwich which is my favorite sandwich from Bull on the Beach – one of my favorite restaurants. I also got to eat crabs at Phillips. They were so yummy. I also got an audio message from my favorite Muppet named Walter. I was so excited about getting the audio message from my favorite Muppet. Thank you again Peter Linz for bringing out Walter in the summertime and allowing him to send me an audio message!

My Penn State football friends are playing again this year. I love watching them beat Michigan because that’s one of my favorite games they play. I enjoy watching them every Saturday and now every Friday, too. I will be watching their White-Out game this coming Saturday.

I got a whole stack of Sesame Street books from my friends Harriet and Tony from at church last month. And for my birthday I got the Miss Piggy book called The Diva Code from Mr. Kiffer. I am so excited that I got these things. I know I haven’t posted any blogs in a long time but I will still write some blogs. I’m gonna keep doing it for sure this time.

Yesterday I had four meltdowns but I am okay today. I am looking forward to Inktober next month. I can’t wait to draw with my pen and markers.I will do Inktober for all 31 days this time, unlike what I did last year. I only did it for a few days. I just haven’t gotten around to doing it for 31 days like I wanted but that’s okay.

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