We’re Still Here and Not Going Anywhere


I’m glad to say that as an autistic adult, this is my second year participating in Autistics Speaking Day. Our voices are still valid and we are not going away anytime soon. People take away our voices and that’s not a good thing, because we NEED to be heart. We need to be speaking out against ableism, when ableists try to stop us from saying something.

People say they want to erase autistic people from society. But we autistic people are here for a reason. We autistic people are here to remind you that we need to feel loved, validated and treated like people with respect, kindness and compassion. Unfortunately, we aren’t treated with compassion. We are mocked, ridiculed, beaten, murdered, teased, tortured and bullied. Our rights are being denied and we are forced to be normal. We are called names including the R word.

When we are not included in sports, jobs, etc. it can be tough. When we are not allowed to flap our hands, rock back and forth, or do other forms of stimming, it can be heartbreaking. We are being stared at, teased, and called names. Also, when we aren’t invited into our families’ homes, that’s the hardest because they don’t invite us to dinners or birthday parties or Christmas celebrations.

This world needs to be more autism-friendly. Please show us autistic people compassion, love and acceptance. Treat us with kindness and please be respectful. Please make us feel loved instead of bullying, murdering and making fun of us. We notice the stares, whispers, and abuse. We notice when somebody is taking advantage of us. We are sick of our voices being silenced and we are not going anywhere.

Please be patient with us, and don’t take advantage of us. We are not here on this earth for you to bully us, to take advantage of us and to tease or torture us. We are here because you need to hear our voices and listen to us. You need to listen to us because this is the right thing to do. Accept us and love us for being ourselves. Because we are not monsters. We are human beings who want to feel loved and wanted. This is what we want, and this is what we need.

The world doesn’t want to accept us autistics because society doesn’t want us to be ourselves. It’s a shame because there are caregivers and parents of autistic people and children being abusive to them. It hurts my heart so much. I hope that one day there will be a better world for autistic people, so that they feel loved and wanted here in society. I want a world that can be accepting of autistic people. I want a world where love and compassion is shown to the autistic person. Hate and fear are not the answer for having autistic children. Love is.

Please treat us autistic people with love and respect. Because we are still here. We have a voice and a story to tell. And we will never go away. Always make us feel loved and wanted. Because unfortunately, people are cruel and they make us feel unwanted and unloved. Love counts. Perfect love casts out fear.

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