A Summer Review and More Updates


On August 6th, two days before I got my new Elmo’s World DVD, I had a meltdown over the Muppets. I say this because I didn’t get to watch Muppets from Space on August 6th. I cried, screamed and swore until I was blue in the face. I wanted to watch it on KissCartoon but unfortunately, I didn’t get to on August 6th, because there was a problem with the media player on there. I stayed home that day to recover from the meltdown. I watched Sesame Street and a couple of Disney movies that day.

Last month, I went to Ocean City, Maryland with my mom and my younger brother’s girlfriend’s friend. It was on the first day of choir practice, and I really loved it there. I went to the boardwalk and had this yummy crab sandwich at Bull on the Beach. I also went to a Japanese seafood restaurant, and I ate some French fries, chicken, shrimp, a yummy sugar biscuit, and some clams. I went to the beach and took lots of pictures. I was so happy that they had free Wifi in some of the places in Maryland. I thought that was awesome because I got to watch Sesame Street in the condominium that we stayed at.

Walking all the time around the boardwalk was really tough for me and my legs were hurting, but I made it through okay. I didn’t like the summer heat there, but it was good to get back home like I did.

Now that it is October, I have a new choir teacher named Mimi. Mimi is so much fun and so cool. She gives away prizes, plays games with us and does lots of scales and arpeggios with us. I’m so excited to see what she has in store for us choir members. Yesterday she played a game of “Getting to Know You Bingo” with us. It was a fun game. I also can’t wait until she plays more games with us in the coming months.

Mom made some yummy chicken-cheese quesadillas last summer, too. They were so good. They had lots of cheese in the middle and man, it made my mouth water!!! The chicken-cheese quesadillas are sensory heaven for me, because man, they have so much cheese in them. I would love to eat them again one day if I could.

I am now going on walks with my mom, because she figured I needed the exercise. I don’t like it but we’re still gonna go anyways. I wish Mom and I could go to the public library together, but I don’t have a library card and I still have to pay the public library back for the book I borrowed from there.

I have been watching the fall-themed episode of Bear in the Big Blue House lately. Tutter is one of my favorite characters because he’s played by my favorite Muppet performer named Peter Linz. I can’t wait until I watch it again on Sunday after I watch an episode of Muppets Tonight.

I know I haven’t blogged in a long time, because I didn’t know what to blog about. I’m sorry it took a while but I didn’t fit in the time to blog until today. I can’t wait until I participate in the Autistics Speaking Day event coming in November. As an autistic adult, I enjoy participating in autism acceptance events.

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