A Crisp and Cool Tuesday



As another year of choir practice has passed and summer begins, I’m looking forward to a lot of things. The book sale is coming up in July, my birthday is in August, and Autistic Pride Day is in June. I can’t wait for all three of these things. I especially am excited for the book sale in July, where I will be getting my Sesame Street DVDs and the rest of the season of Fraggle Rock. I am currently counting down the days until then. I will also be visiting Mr. Kiffer’s house this summer too, and go swimming at his neighbor’s house.

It is a cool and dreary day here where I live. Because of the changes of the weather I have my fuzzy pajama pants on. I’m glad it’s cool out, though, because I was never a big fan of super-hot weather in the first place. But I long to see the sunset again, because I miss going outside to see the sunset. I’m happy that I will be able to watch Splash and Bubbles at 10:30am starting next week, because I’m gonna be back at my wake-up schedule and breakfast will start at 10:06am once again. I miss my 10am breakfasts.

Yesterday at 1pm before lunch, I got to watch the Sesame Street movie called The Cookie Thief. I was really glad that I got to watch it, because I have never seen it before. Yesterday was my first time watching it. I can’t wait until I watch it again tomorrow afternoon. I hope the book sale still has it on DVD because I would love to have it in my own home. I also hope that the book sale has so much more Sesame Street DVDs.

Last week I watched Julie’s Greenroom, and I thought it was truly adorable. My favorite Greenies are Hank, Peri and Fizz. I was really excited about watching the show and I really loved it when I watched four episodes last Monday. I will be watching some more this week. I’m so glad that I finally found a website to watch it on other than Netflix because 1) I don’t have Netflix and 2) I’m not sure if I’ll ever get Netflix at all. Other than that, it’s a cute, cute show.

I will be doing some summer drawing too. Maybe I’ll be doing some pottery, painting and more crafts. When it gets warmer out, I’m gonna be watching Sesame Street outside if it’s sunny outside. I really enjoy watching it. On Easter I got to watch The Tale of the Bunny Picnic outside. I loved it and I can’t wait until I watch it again next Easter season. And on June 8th, I’m looking forward to singing with the choir at the baseball game. I’m also excited about that this summer. I hope that it doesn’t rain that day because I really would like to go so badly.

On Sunday night fireworks displays were going off for Memorial Day. I hated when they went off, and I’m so glad that they were finally over when they ended, because I never really liked loud noises in the first place. I’m also glad that there were no fireworks last night, because the noise was too much for me and I’m glad that there were no fireworks displays like they were on Sunday. I’m looking forward to watching the 4th of July fireworks on my local NBC station.

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