I’m Baaaaaaaaack!!!!

It’s been four months since my last blog post. I finally got my New Nintendo 3DS for Christmas. I was so happy and excited that I got it, because I bit my last one and it was completely broken, so I got a new one. I’m glad I now have it because I get to take some sunrise, sunset and cloudscape pictures. I had a four-week internet outage, and I was supposed to write a blog on the second week of February, however, the plans fell through due to the four week internet outage I had. As an autistic adult, it’s hard for me to keep myself calm if an internet outage lasts for four weeks or more than that.

I haven’t been feeling well lately. I’m dehydrated, so I’m supposed to be drinking lots of water. I now take some fish oil and spash only a little bit of juice in my water. I’m no longer allowed to drink any juice.

Anyway, so much has happened since the last blog post I’ve written. I have just recently made some springtime decorations. It was fun and I enjoyed doing that. I also have been watching Sesame Street late at night to help me go to sleep at nighttime. I started watching international versions of Sesame Street in January, and it was so much fun to watch. I learned different languages, and it was really cool to see Muppets from a different country, especially a foreign country.

Now that I have my New Nintendo 3DS, I can watch Sesame Street on YouTube every night before I go to sleep, and I also watch Muppets Tonight every Sunday to help me stay calm before I go to church. I love to watch videos on Dailymotion, Vimeo and YouTube. I like watching the Judy videos, the Samika Vlogs and the JakeBoys vlogs. I also like to watch crafting tutorials on YouTube.

I got a Sesame Street DVD that was released in February. I’m happy that I got it too because I really wanted it, so when Mom and I went to WalMart on the last week of February, I got it and watched it twice in a row on the day I got it. I’m really excited to be getting another Sesame Street DVD, which came out a couple of weeks ago.

I had a meltdown one day in either January or February, and my younger brother told me to shut up when I had the meltdown. I was so mad at him for doing that. He could have at least been a little more supportive and asked me what he could have done to help me. It made me sad that he did that. I wish that people would understand me better, but sadly, they don’t. I’m misunderstood by people and it’s really not fair. Whenever I have a meltdown I always get told to shut up, and people dismiss my feelings like I don’t matter to them or something. It hurts. It breaks my heart to have to deal with all the mistreatment and ableism.

But I am so glad that there are some people that understand or are willing to understand what it’s like for me to be autistic. I do wish that people could walk a mile in my shoes while I tell them my story. I’m still here. I’m not “missing,” a tragedy or a burden. I have a voice and a story to tell. Don’t judge, criticize, mistreat, abuse, make fun of or ridicule us autistic/disabled people. We autistic/disabled people are human beings. Walk a mile in our shoes and listen to our stories. Listen to us. Because it is nothing about us without us.

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