Thanksgiving Plans and Update on My Right Leg

Today is Thursday, and it is a week before Thanksgiving. I’m so excited for Thanksgiving because I get to watch the Muppets on the Thanksgiving Day Parade on my local NBC station, and I also get to watch the Thanksgiving parade on my local ABC station, then I get to watch Mr. Peabody and Sherman on Thanksgiving night at midnight. I’m also looking forward Thanksgiving Eve because at 6pm I get to watch The Muppets before Thanksgiving Eve service. The calf of my right leg is feeling better. There’s not a black and blue mark on my leg anymore.

I didn’t go to choir practice because my friend’s mom is sick, and my mom didn’t feel like taking me. So I took a day off and watched the Thanksgiving episode of Speechless. When I saw that show I thought it was pretty awesome. I fell asleep early last night because I was so tired. It is going to be warm out on some of this weekend. On Tuesday I got to take pictures of the sunset. It was really beautiful, even if it wasn’t fiery like I thought it was. I hope that tomorrow night’s sunset is fiery, same as tonight.

Again, I’m really excited for Thanksgiving this year, because then I get to eat turkey, potato filling, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce. This is going to be the best Thanksgiving ever. I think my family will be eating out this year. This means that I will watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade at 2pm, and the Dunkin’ Donuts parade at 8:30. They have repeats of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade at 2pm every Thanksgiving. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving Day.

I got my essays published for Autistics Speaking Day and Autistic History Month. I’m so excited for that, too, because this year is my first year of participating in both events, and I’m very glad I participated in both. Because we as autistic people need to have our voices heard. As autistic people, we are valid. As autistic people we need people to realize that it’s okay to be different and that it’s not okay to silence, dismiss, bully, tease, torture, gaslight and murder us. We as autistic people need to be loved and understood. As autistic people our voices need to be validated, because people need to realize that we have feelings and they need to validate our feelings, too.

I can’t wait until Thanksgiving Eve service, because then I get to sing the anthem with the choir, and I get to share my testimony with the rest of the congregation. I like to share my testimony with the rest of the congregation, because it makes me feel glad to be a part of my church. I hope I get to go this year because I never got to go last year. I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to go last year but I’m okay now.

Tonight I will be watching football, drawing, blogging and making some crafts. I’m tired, and lunch will be soon.

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