I Hate the Hot Weather and It Should Go

These are posts below that are made by me, because I am an autistic adult who has sensory issues with the heat. I have written these posts from this afternoon to tonight.


“Seriously I can’t wait until the weather is cooled down. I hope there’s no more temps this year that feels like 80 degrees.”


“I am glad my window is opened for the day. Soon it’ll rain, then there will be much cooler temperatures. I really hate that it feels like 80 degrees. I am not a fan of this type of weather.”


“I hope the skies open tonight. I want to see the sunset.”


“My room is an oven, and I am still hot. I hate when my room is a desert island. Please God, bring me some cooler air…”


“I wish Mom could put the air conditioner back in my bedroom. I am boiling and my room is super-hot right now. It’s hotter than a sauna in my bedroom!! This is super frustrating for me…”


“Feeling sleepy like I did this morning. I need to go to bed early tonight.”


“I’m thankful that the temperatures are getting lower. I feel like I should take a nap right now. The Weather Channel’s website says it’s 69 degrees. I’m still waiting for my room to get cooler. At least my hair is up in a bun. Can’t wait until the temperature is at least about 59 degrees.”


“I can feel the cooler air now. Wonderful!!! 🙂 🙂 :)”


“I will have to keep my window open if I want more cooler air. I’ll shut the window later on tonight. I ate meatloaf and corn for supper tonight. I am getting even more sleepy than I am now. On Tuesday I will get started on my Autistics Speaking Day blog post. I’m glad that my computer is running well and has no viruses on it. I have an AdBlocker thing in my Google Chrome browser so that nothing ruins my computer. I’m happy to be able to finally participate in Autistics Speaking Day.”


“I won’t be able to watch the sunset tonight because of the thunderstorm, but tomorrow night I will, and I’m glad about that.”


“I’m glad that it’s getting cooler because of the rain. I’m thankful that my room is cooling down nicely. I don’t like when it’s so hot in my room, but I’m glad that it’s cooling down.”


“Woohoo!!! The temperatures are getting lower again!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)”


“Workin’ on the temperatures, goin’ down down down…lmbo!”


“I’m glad it’s gonna be cooler outside tomorrow. I won’t have to feel the hot air. I will be taking a nap.”


“I had a good nap. It feels good in my bedroom now that it got cooler. I can’t wait until tomorrow because I get to feel much cooler weather. I felt upset because I was really tired and because I knew it was gonna be hot out today. I think that this night is so much better than this morning. This morning was rough for me. I had a much better afternoon and am currently having a much better evening. Tomorrow will be a much better day for me.”


“I’m so glad that it’s nighttime right now. The hot weather today made me sad and frustrated. I can’t stand being in the heat. I wish I could go to Alaska where it’s cooler during the hot months.

The Weather Channel says that it’s 59 degrees, which is a good thing. My room is getting cooler. I’m thankful for that.

Like I said – I’m so glad that I have my window open tonight. It was super hot today.”


“Yeah, 80 degrees and over is way too hot for me!”


“Here are the places that I would go to if I had a car or if Mom took me:

~ The Leesport Farmer’s Market
~ Chincoteague Island
~ Pied Piper Diner
~ O’Grady’s Family Restaurant
~ Arner’s Family Restaurant
~ Kemp’s Catering
~ Hollywood Casino
~ Sands Casino
~ Smokey Bones Restaurant
~ The Home Town Diner
~ Route 61 Diner
~ Heister Lanes
~ Aquabilities

I used to go to these places, a few of them I went to when I was in school. I wanna go to all of these places again.”

Meanwhile I reposted some fall pictures and then I reposted sunset pictures on two different facebook pages. I also drew a picture of my favorite Muppet named Walter, playing in a pile of leaves. I am hoping that tomorrow is a much better day, because I had a really rough morning. I was so sleepy that I bawled my eyes out through half of the church service. I ended up getting hurt and I have hurt my right upper calf of my leg while walking towards my chair in the choir pit.

Sometimes, there are days when I hurt so much inside. Today was one of those days. There are also days where I can’t enjoy myself, or my days. Today was one of them. I really hope that tomorrow is a better day for me.

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