Fan Week – Fan Art!

I’m so excited my banner has made it on The Muppet Mindset fan art page. Even if I didn’t win, I’m glad that they have my banner on the fan art page.

The Muppet Mindset

Jarrod Fairclough – Happy Fan Week, Muppet fans!  Yes, it’s the long-promised-and-finally-arrived week where we stop celebrating The Muppets and instead turn our attention to the fans.

We’re beginning our 5 day event with the amazing Muppet fan art that exists.  We had SO many people submit fan art that we had to limit it to 2 pieces per person, and we couldn’t even fit everyone in.  But below you’ll find an incredible array featuring everyone from Kermit to Big Mean Carl!  There’s two pieces dedicated to Gloria Estefan!

First up are two pieces by our pal Brandy.  Not only did Brandy submit some great fan art, she’s also the lucky winner of our Fan Week Banner contest which you’ll see on top of the site!  Congratulations, Brandy!

Brandy 1Brandy 2

Next up is two pieces by Flukes (probably not their real name) with a really great cartoony style.  Someone get Flukes (probably…

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