Summer Days Are Almost Starting

It’ll be summer soon. I am looking forward to the summer because then I get to go to Mr. Kiffer’s house. I am really excited about that because then I’m gonna be scanning all my drawings and uploading them on Facebook. I’ll be posting more sunrise and sunset pictures on there this summer as well. I am also looking forward to my church’s Memorial Day Picnic.

I am excited to sing the National Anthem with my choir and then watching the baseball game with my choir this coming Tuesday. Harriet threw a party for our choir last night. I was so excited to be there. I ate brownies, pretzels and ice cream with sprinkles and cherries. It was a very good night. I am glad that Lauren had taken me to choir these past five months. I’m glad that I had finally found a way to get to choir practice. I had another great year with the choir.

I made some summer crafts last week and this week. I loved making bumblebees, wasps, and paper surfboards. I had a lot of fun making them. They were really awesome to make. I think that I will be making some paper sand buckets, shovels and a honeycomb this summer.

Before choir practice two days before Good Friday, I watched The Muppets on Disney XD. It was a great movie and Walter was so cute in it. Walter is my favorite Muppet and he is just the cutest thing! On Easter I watched The Muppet Movie, Easter Egg Mornin’, The Bridge and When Calls the Heart. Two weeks ago I watched the movie called Muppets Most Wanted. I watched it on the Kiss Cartoon site that I like to watch movies on. That was a great movie, too.

As I write this, my leg is hurting really badly. In case you didn’t know, I now have a varicose vein in my right leg. My ankle also hurts because of the varicose vein in my leg. Last winter I had a lump on my leg and my mom said that it was a varicose vein. I don’t like being in this pain. The pain hurts really badly. It is hard for me to walk sometimes with a varicose vein in my leg. I do read articles about the varicose veins on the Internet most of the time. It’s nice to do a little research on varicose veins every so often. I want to get compression socks for my legs so that my legs don’t start pooling due to the varicose veins I have.

I get tired a lot because of the varicose vein. On Sunday I had a fever because of the varicose vein I have. I stayed home from church that day and instead I watched the Grace Community Church Sunday service and heard John MacArthur preach his sermon. I can’t wait until I watch the Grace Community Church Sunday service again this summer.

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