#BoycottAutismSpeaks Statement on 50 Cent’s “Apology Donation” to Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks Hurts. Real People Speaking.

Earlier this week, 50 Cent posted a video to his Instagram account mocking and  bullying a young autistic man, Andrew Farrell.   He later apologized and attempted to make amends by making a large donation to Autism Speaks.  As expected, the media surrounding this event has centered the experiences of the victim’s family while completely ignoring what, if anything the actually autistic person has to say.  A hastily made donation to an organization that works against autistic people is not an apology, even with the best of intentions.

Many in the Autistic Community share our frustration.

As The Black Autist said on their Facebook page:

“As a black autistic person, I accept your apology for mocking a young autistic employee live on Instagram.

However, you screwed things up when you hastily donated to Autism Speaks with little to no research on the company. I understand you want to contribute to a…

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