I Am Autistic and Proud of It, And It’s Who I Am

Trigger warning, ableism, Christian ableism, abuse of autistic/disabled people, gaslighting of autistic people

I am an autistic adult who is proud to be me. I am not a burden, a puzzle piece, a broken appliance, a tragedy, or a monster. I am a human being. I am kind, caring, loving, and a person with feelings. I don’t need a cure for my autism. I need love, acceptance, understanding and support. While this is true, I love people when they love me.

I have been hurt by the church several times in my life. Some fellow Christians on a Facebook page told me that I am not autistic, and that they would pray my autism off of me. I was saddened that they would be so ignorant about me being autistic. So then I blocked the facebook page and I never went on it again. I have also been mistreated as a child, and in my teens I was bullied and called names. That’s why I am fighting against ableism, and helping other autistic people like me who were bullied and mistreated and still are being bullied and mistreated.

It makes me sad to see autistic people being mistreated by their caregivers and parents. Even other disabled people are mistreated as well. Sometimes autistic people have shock therapy being performed on them. Other autistic people are being murdered by their parents and caregivers as well. It really makes me sad when I see this happen, especially hearing about it on the news.

I don’t think that it is right to kill an autistic person, because we autistic people are not yours to kill. We aren’t yours to bully, gaslight, abuse, mistreat, mock, ridicule or tease and torture. We are here for a reason. We are here to fight against ableism, and we are here for you to love and understand us. Do not talk down on us. Do not gaslight or abuse us. Do not use, mistreat or bully us. We will be looud and our voices will be louder. Do not dismiss our feelings, do not silence us, do not judge us. We notice the stares, whispers, and hateful comments about us. We will amplify our voices whether you want us to or not. We will make our voices be heard. So let our voices be heard.

Ableism is ugly and cruel. Ableism is unacceptable and it hurts families. The bigotry against autistic people that is displayed is just staggering. Ableism is wrong, and that’s why I fight against it.

Society sees us autistic people as people whose lives aren’t worth living. That’s a shame because they think that we are better off dead, and this is really saddening to me. We are seen as tragic, broken appliances. We are seen as people who need to go away. But we aren’t going away. We have a voice to be heard. We have a story to tell. Listen to autistic people. Listen to our voices. Listen to us. Because there is nothing about us without us.

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