Autism ACCEPTANCE Month Events.

Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance

Are you planning an event that celebrates Autistic people, Autistic Pride or Autistic culture?  PACLA wants to help you get the word out about your event!

Are you planning an Autism Acceptance Month Event-

Image:  Light textured background.  Multicolored text reads:  Are you planning an Autism Acceptance Month Event?  Is your event inclusive, accessible, pro autism acceptance, pro neurodiversity?   Does your event celebrate Autistic Pride, Autistic Acceptance & Autistic Culture?  If so, we weant to hear about it & put it on the PACLA blog!

Send us the information by March 16, 2016 to:

Top right of image has off centered PACLA logo (by Because Patterns) Two flappy red and orange people figures made of geometric forms, each standing atop a two-tone green and blue mountain shape, with a blue sky background.

Bottom right of image has a blue lightbulb and blue puzzle piece with red circle backslash symbol to indicate no puzzles, no lighting it…

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