My Special Ed experience

When I was in ninth grade, I joined in a class for disabled students. I loved doing all the fun stuff there, and I also loved the parties that we had. Mr. Romano and Ms. Wagner liked me a lot, but my other Special Ed aides and SE teacher didn’t as much. I loved the class but it was hard when they took what I did and said the wrong way. I loved Ms. Wagner a lot. She was nicer than the other women of the Special Ed class.

Every Monday, we went to the Lutheran Home at Topton to fold laundry. I had a few problems there. One of the Special Ed aides yelled at me for having a towel on my head. And she also hurried me up when I went to the bathroom. I liked it better when she didn’t act like that, because it really triggered me when she acted the way she did towards me.

On Tuesdays we went to WalMart. I loved to buy the clothes, movies and music that were there. One day I bought the cast album to Assassins. Another day I bought the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. When I took too long to look for the products that were there, the SE teachers would roll their eyes at me. I got a lunch detention for breaking the one special ed teacher’s casserole dish. I wasn’t allowed to get in the school van until the groceries were loaded in them.

Wednesdays were breakfast days and they were not always good. I was told to use a knife to crack the eggs open. That isn’t how you crack eggs open. Then, when I messed up on something, the one special ed teacher got mad at me for it. There was a lot of eye-rolling from them too.

When I got together with the special ed students and one of the teachers, it was fun, but sometimes it was hard. One of the special ed teachers accused me of not paying attention when I didn’t know what was gonna happen next in a book that we were all reading. I was disappointed in that because I actually was paying attention. I was accused of being early, I was accused of being late for field trips like the WalMart trip and they also yelled at me for not being at the food court in the mall one time during the 12 Days of Chrismas thing the Special Ed class was holding.

They also yelled at me for being on the bus for disabled children/teens too early. I know I wasn’t on there too early because I know my aide wanted me to be on there on time. And my special ed teachers wanted me to be in the school vans on time too, but they always accused me of being late when I know I wasn’t.

On Fridays we usually went to a restaurant or to Aquabilities for a dip in the pool. I loved eating at Cracker Barrell, Mazzola’s and Dragon 21. We ate breakfast at Arners, and had lunch at Fiore’s or any of the diners in the Berks County areas. I loved getting breakfast at Arner’s. The potatoes and eggs were delicious. We also went apple picking and got to carve pumpkins in autumn.

When the Christmas season came, we went to the Salvation Army to pack up candies for the children that were less fortunate. We also packed up other things for the people that don’t have anything. We also went bowling and we went Christmas shopping in the mall. We also watered plants for the elderly.

Although I had hard times in the special ed classroom, there were lots of fun stuff I did with the other disabled kids. I was glad to be with them and had so much fun doing those things with them.

Originally published on November 19, 2015

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