Scared Silly This Morning

This morning I took some pictures of the sunrise. After I took them, I was about to go in the house when I noticed that the door was locked. My dog Sophie was watching the entire time. She barked at me to come in but I couldn’t because the door was locked. I checked the back door and the front door, but unfortunately they were locked as well. Apparently my stepsister C locked me out.

I stood outside, waiting for somebody to help me back in. There was a woman who went out of the van. I asked for help from her to help me get back in using a key from in my backyard but then she told me she didn’t know how to help. I was really scared, weeping and shivering.

I spent three hours outside in the cold, with my pink sweater and slippers on. So then, there was a very kind woman with three children, and she let me in the house on the left side of next door. She let me call my mom’s work. I told my mom that I got locked out. She told me to wait on the back porch for somebody to get me in my house. So I did, and my sister Ashley came to the house with her boyfriend. She helped me get in the house, and I was so glad. I was now able to go upstairs in my bedroom.

I watched the early morning news and a little bit of the Today Show, but I was able to watch a few minutes of Dennis the Menace this morning before breakfast. I felt terrified that I got locked out, but I’m glad that I’m back inside of my house. It was a scary thing for me.

My stepsister C shouldn’t have locked the side door, which was the door I went out of. She should have kept it unlocked so that I could come back inside after taking pictures of the sunrise. Hopefully she won’t do it again the next time I take pictures of the sunrise.

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