There Is Danger In Ableism And Judging an Autistic Person Before Walking In Their Shoes

Trigger warning: ableism, gaslighting, judging an autistic person before getting to know them

On Saturday afternoon I recieved a comment on my educational post that I have written. A man had written to me and he was a friend of one of my friends on Facebook. I felt that the man’s comment was antagonistic. This is what he wrote to me that afternoon.

“Hi Christy, I love you and I don’t even know you. I have worked with people who are diseased. You can call it whatever you want but it is still a dis-ease.” He implied that just because I’m disabled means I’m diseased too, and people can catch my autism. Autism is not something that we can catch. Autism isn’t a contagious disease. It’s a disability but not a disease. A disease is something that you can catch from other people. I felt that this was really disrespectful. The man sounded really antagonistic. He also implied that I should change my attitude about autism and that I am speaking negatively about it. I would never say anything negative. I am a positive person and never have been negative.

He also implied that I should change my attitude about autism. That is never going to happen. I am proud of being autistic. I am proud of who I am. Nothing I said was negative at all. People need to realize that we autistic people are unique in our own way. I don’t appreciate being treated the way I did. And if the man could have read my blogs, he would have understood me a bit better. I get so frustrated by people who act like that. And he told me that I should look in the mirror. That’s another thing that irritates me.

I am ashamed of the way that man has told me that. I really feel that he should have read my blogs before he came and told me that. I am getting so tired of ableism in this world. Everytime I speak out against it, somebody is always gonna be so quick to judge me for that. I don’t like it. Later that day I blocked him. I didn’t want to have to deal with that, especially with him.

I am here to educate people about what life is like for us autistic people. Sadly the man didn’t seem to care. I neither educate people nor tell my story to be negative. I do these things because people should know what life is like for us autistic people. That’s all.  I was really shocked at what he said.

Sometimes I can get into some dark moments in my life. I just really wanna get my story out there. So that people can have a better understanding of what it’;s like for an autistic adult. I love people. I know how it feels to be between a rock and a hard place. I have a heart and I have feelings. Sadly not everybody understands. And that’s what really saddens me the most.

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