The Textures That I Like

As an autistic adult, I’m picky to textures that I like. I love food. I love to eat. So this is a post that talks about the textures that I like. I’m not writing this to get pity but I am writing this to educate people about my likes and dislikes

Hard textures: I’m not a fan of hard textures when it comesto food. I don’t like to eat the skin of a fish, a piece of cereal that is burnt, and burnt pieces of lasagna and chicken parmesan. Although I love fish, lasagna and chicken parmesan, I don’t like the hard parts of them and I don’t eat the hard parts of them. However I do like hard candy like peppermint discs and Jolly Ranchers.

Mushy textures: I like pizza, spaghetti, chicken parmesan, meatball sandwiches, chicken sandwiches from Burger King and Chick-fil-a, hoagies, cheesesteaks, mashed potatoes, fish fillets, fish sticks, French fries, chicken patties, and soft chicken on the bone. I also like to eat cheesy breadsticks from Pizza Hut and Dominoes. They also have a mushy texture to them. I like to eat ravioli, rigatoni, penne pasta, lemon cake, other cakes, pies, and tacos. I like to eat strawberry cheesecakes. Chewy chocolate chip cookies are another one of my favorites. I also like to eat Tastykake products and doughnuts. I like to eat Hostess and Little Debbie products as well. I like instant garlic potatoes, but I don’t like the instant regular potatoes unless I put some mozzarella cheese on top of it.

Soft textures: I like butterscotch pudding, chocolate pudding, strawberry ice cream, black cherry ice cream, raspberry ice cream, and vanilla ice cream. I like strawberry banana yogurt and blueberry yogurt.

Chunky textures: I like to eat hot dogs, smoked sausages and mini sausages. I don’t like big chunks of chicken in my foods, because it takes me a long time to eat the big chunks. I like pork and sauerkraut as long as there’s not too much of pork on my plate. I like a little bit of steak so that I don’t have to eat a lot of it considering it takes me a long time. I like to eat corn on the cob every summer. I like to eat American cheese, Stilton cheese, Swiss cheese, and colby jack cheese.

Crunchy textures: I like carrots and steamed broccoli, and I also like peas and corn. I like to eat potato chips, corn chips, Doritos, sour cream and onion chips, Sun Chips, cheese curls, and Cheez-Its.

Watery textures: I like to drink Swiss Orange Drink and Lemonade. I also like to drink Kool-Aid, Cherry Kool-Aid, and Pink Lemonade Kool-Aid. I also like to drink Barq’s Root Beer and Sprite.

Soft, fuzzy textures: I like the feeling of cotton, silk and satin. I like to feel my teddy bears because they feel soft and comfortable. My pink and brown teddy bears with the long legs are really awesome, because they calm me down when I have meltdowns. I also like to feel cotton blankets and fleece sweaters. Heavy blankets are my favorite in the wintertime, and they feel soft and nice. I like bathrobes, my fuzzy pink chair, and the mousepad that I have on my computer desk.

Wool textures: I hate wool textures. When I have a wool sweater on, it always itches. One time, when I was in school, I wore a wool sweater, and it itched me so bad that I wanted to get a fleece sweater. I am so glad that I never have to wear a wool sweater again. I am hoping that I don’t have to get one in the store the next time I go shopping with Mom.

Fluffy textures: I like the feeling of my dog Sophie’s fur, and I like the feel of other dogs’ furs as well. I also like feeling cat furs from different sorts of cats. Dogs and cats always feel silky soft.

Prickly textures: I hate the feeling of thorns on cacti and roses. They hurt my hands and fingers a lot. I am not a fan of them at all. Bee stings hurt me as well. I hate prickly textures.

Hot textures: I am not a fan of weather that is way too hot. I like to go outside in 75-degree weather, as long as it’s not too hot at that temperature. I like when my food is hot, but at a level where it doesn’t burn my mouth. The heat is too much for me weather-wise because of my autism.

Cold textures: Air conditioning is fine, but when it’s too cold in my bedroom, I turn the fan on so that I don’t get too cold. When it gets a little warmer in my room, I turn the air conditioning back on.

Foamy textures: I like bubble baths, and liquid soap. I like shampoo, conditioner, or liquid soap between my fingers. I love to play with foamy textures because it’s really soft.

Hard textures: I like to walk barefoot on concrete when it isn’t too hot or too cold to do it outside. I have to put my socks on if I step on cold concrete, because my feet get cold easily. I hate stepping barefoot on little stones and rocks.

Smooth textures: I like to walk barefoot on grass as long as there aren’t any bees outside. I also like to walk on hardwood floors with a glossy finish on them. They feel nice.

Ripply textures: I like to go to the beach to feel ripples near my feet when the waves crash. They go around my feet and stuff like that.

Grainy textures: I love sand. I love to walk on sand. I love to make sandcastles and put piles of sand on other people. That’s another thing that I like about going on the beach. The sand.

Soft textures: I love feeling flowers because they are so silky. The flower petals are silky to the touch as well. I also like to feel pussy willows. They feel very nice and soft. I like to feel them every spring.

Rough textures: When I go outside, I scratch my back with trees when it itches sometimes. It helps my back when it feels itchy.

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