I Never Said He Wasn’t Being Kind


There’s a photograph making the rounds on social media. Maybe you’ve seen it. A McDonald’s employee performed what the USA Today called a “random act of kindess.” According to the newspaper, the employee (Kenny) shut down his register to assist the customer, an unidentified man using a wheelchair, with cutting his food and eating. The act was caught by Destiny Carreno, who snapped a photo and shared it with her friends on Facebook.

Kenny performed a kind, charitable act. He assisted a customer who asked for help.

I am not denying this. I have received assistance from many people – both friends and strangers – in my life and each time I am grateful for the blessings these compassionate people add to my world. In fact, each time I am out in public and something wacky happens (I drop my reacher or find my wheelchair stuck on uneven ground), I…

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