My Dreams And Goals

There are a lot of places that I have been throughout my entire life. Every summer vacation, during the first couple of years, I went to Chincoteague Island. When I was a year old, I started going there with my family. I had fun there. We built sandcastles, walked on the boardwalk, and met some Indians. I was afraid of Indians at first but I overcame that fear.

I loved going to the beach, and I collected seashells there. I think that I still have a few. I didn’t like that the sand was too hot for my feet. But I was okay when my sandals were on. The beach was beautiful and so much fun to be in. I am glad that I got to go to Chincoteague Island, and I hope to go there next summer.

I also went camping in Virginia. Camping was a lot of fun. I listened to some music and audiotapes there, and sat by the campfire. My time in Virginia was really amazing. I’m thankful that I got to go to Virginia and hopefully I’ll go again someday soon. I want to go to Virginia again someday for camping trips and other things.

In 2001, I got to see my first Broadway Show, Annie Get Your Gun, on April 28. New York City was a great place to be in. I went to the Jekyll and Hyde Club back then and it was loads of fun. The waiters were really kind and they made me laugh. I went back to NYC in 2003 to go see Thoroughly Modern Millie with Mr. Kiffer and Mrs. Frey. I went to see the show, then had spaghetti, garlic bread, a French Vanilla cappucino and some coffee pudding. They all tasted good. I am sad that that restaurant had closed. We went to visit Mr. Kiffer’s son Caleb and his girlfriend-turned-wife Lisa. It was fun going there.

In 2004, I got to go to Tennessee with Grandma. It was fun there. I got to see shows like Black Bear Jamboree and the Comedy Barn, then I got to swim in the hotel swimming pool. I hope I can go to Tennessee again. We also went to see Dolly Parton’s brother sing.

In 2005, I went back to NYC to see the musical La Cage Aux Folles. It was wonderful. I got to meet Gary Beach, Michael Benjamin Washington and Michael Mulheren. We went to John’s Pizza near the St. James Theater. I love their pizza. Their pizza tasted really good. I am glad that I got to go to New York City that year. I had never been to John’s Pizza until that year. I also went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. I had shrimp, a cheeseburger and fries. I would definitely go again there someday.

In two years, I’ll be going to Georgia to meet Todd Friel and the Wretched Gang at the Wretched Radio and TV studios. I am so excited about that. I will get to bring my drawing pad, crayons and art folder, and I will get to show Mr. Friel my drawings. I will also tell Mr. Friel about my struggles, my triumphs, and my favorite things. I’ll get to tell him about my favorite restaurants and other things like that.

I would also like to go to California to meet John MacArthur. I would sit in his office and he, Mom and I would have a great conversation with each other. I would show Pastor MacArthur my drawings too. I’d tell him that I have some of his books. I would also tell him about my favorite things as well. I’d like to meet RC Sproul in Florida one day too, and show him my drawings and tell him about me. I’d like to meet with Steve Lawson one day too, and other pastors and theologians. If I visit them, I will be showing my drawings to them and sharing my autism story with them.

I would also like to meet Art Azurdia, and show him my drawings and tell him my autism story. I love Art Azurdia’s sermons and I would definitely like to meet him one day.

I would also like to go to Montana one day. I’d like to meet some cowboys and cowgirls, ride on horses, go to the rodeo, and watch the sunsets and sunrises. I would also like to go on the top of the Rocky Mountains in the summertime because there is so much snow on top of them. Those mountains are so sky high in Montana. I would like to stay overnight there one day. I am so excited that I got to visit New York City, Virginia and Tennessee. They were the most fun places I have ever been to. I hope I can visit Florida, Georgia, Oregon and California really soon.

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