Monday Night Anniversary Dinner

On Monday night, Mom, B, C and I went to Temple Diner for Mom and B’s anniversary. I ate a turkey club sandwich with bacon, a baked potato, a roll with butter, a pickle and the rest of B’s salad. I loved my dinner there. It was delicious. I saved my chips for later, and I also saved my turkey club sandwich for lunch yesterday along with my cole slaw. My favorite part about my baked potato was the cheese.

When Mom got married to B, we had the wedding reception at the bottom half of my aunt Debbie’s house. It was a lot of fun. I ate some lasagna, macaroni salad, chips, pretzels and vegetables. The food was really tasty. I especially liked the meatball sandwiches there.

Mom and B’s wedding was held outdoors. I got to be her bridesmaid. Seven days before the wedding I spent a week at their house in the Lehigh Valley area. I went swimming, played with Chloe, and on the night before the wedding I went with my family to the Starlight Diner. The food was delicious there. Earlier the week of the wedding, we went to Kohls and also to the grocery store.

I hope I get to go to more anniversary dinners with my family sometime soon. I’m glad that I did this year. I loved my food at Temple Diner and I thought it was yummy. It was a great time, and a great night out as well. We went to Boyers for some bread after we went to Temple Diner.

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