Great Weekend

I had a great weekend. On Saturday I watched three movies, called “Love Finds You in Sugarcreek,” “As I Stand” and “No Lost Cause.” I have never seen “No Lost Cause” before, but it was a good movie regardless.

Also on Saturday I ate six slices of pizza and some seasoned French fries. I loved that meal, and I thought it was yummy. I had it for lunch yesterday as well. For supper yesterday I had the rest of the green bean casserole that B made.

Last night, Mom told me that in two years, she and I are gonna visit Georgia, and she’s gonna take me to meet Todd Friel in the Wretched TV and Radio studios. I was so excited to hear that!!! I am still excited because then I’ll be able to have conversations with Mr. Friel, show him my drawings, and everything!!! I am looking forward to going to Georgia to visit. I guess I’ll be able to go traveling again after all, which I think is absolutely wonderful.

I was glad that I ate lunch at 1:30 yesterday, because I wanted to see the entire Sunday service at Grace Community Church livestream. I was also glad that I got to see the entire thing. I saw John MacArthur preaching, the Grace Community Church Choir sing, and the strings and woodwinds play. I even got to hear the church organ play the Prelude and Postlude.

I would love to go to Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. I would like to meet John MacArthur and the rest of the staff there. I hope that one day Mom takes me to GCC and watch the Sunday service and meet John MacArthur and the rest of the staff. That would be wonderful. I hope I get to meet John MacArthur before God calls him home to be with Him.

Mom also told me that in two years we’ll be living in an apartment. This’ll be my second time in an apartment, considering I lived in an apartment a few weeks before Grandma passed away. I am really excited because it’ll be only her and me living together. I hope she gets the apartment in two years.

On Thursday I get to go to the last baseball game of the season. I get to watch the Reading Fightin’ Phils play their last game. And next Wednesday is choir practice once again!!! It starts the new year of a new choir season. I am so glad of that, because I have missed my choir teacher and my friends at choir practice. They are all such blessings to me and I really enjoy our time together with each other.

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