Ableism in My Facebook Inbox This Morning

Trigger warning: pitying autistic people, ableism

This morning I have experienced ableism in my facebook inbox this morning. A Pakistani man exchanged greetings with me, then asked about my disability. I told him that I was autistic. Then he said to me, “I am sorry.”

My autism is nothing to be sorry about. I am proud to be autistic. I am saddened that this man would be pitying me just for being autistic. That is ableism on so many levels. I really hate that this has happened to me. I don’t need pity just for being autistic. I need people to be respectful of me.

This is why there’s so much hate and ableism everywhere in the world. People are always so quick to judge, condemn, murder, tease, torment, torture and make fun of autistics. I’m really saddened that people would think of autism as a negative thing, that we should be eradicated. It’s really not right for people to be treating autistics as if they were less than, Othered, or monsters.

Ableism really needs to stop completely. I am thankful for my Christian friends who actually understand my autism, because there are some people out there that just don’t get it. I am also thankful for my autistic friends. They have meant a great deal to me. I am also thankful that a lot of people, including Todd Friel and the Wretched Gang, are out there to hear my story.

I am hoping more people will hear my story one day. There are plenty of people out there that would like to hear my story. Read our blogs, hear our stories, actually LISTEN to us. You have so much to learn about us autistic people.

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