I haven’t written a blog in a long time. I have apparently fallen behind, but that’s okay, because I know a lot of other bloggers besides myself have fallen behind as well.

Now that summer is finally here, I am hoping that Mom and I go on summer vacation together. I hope we go somewhere outside of my hometown for a few days to have some fun. Maybe she could bring my niece and nephew along. I’m just hoping these vacations happen because last year I never really got to go to vacation somewhere anywhere.

On Friday night, I went to the Reading Fightin’ Phils game to sing the national anthem with my church choir. I had a lot of fun there. I ate some ice cream and drank some Pepsi, and I even got a chance to see Marionne. It was a really hot day out, and the heat was too much for me, but it got cooler later that evening, so we stayed for the rest of the game.

I can’t wait until tomorrow. I get to see my artwork in the Autistic Artistic Carnival. I had a lot of fun drawing my pictures. My facebook has a lot of the pictures on there. I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow, because it’s gonna be a great day when I get to see my artwork at the Carnival.

I am also looking forward to next Sunday because then I’ll be getting snacks from Marionne. Hopefully I will be there on Sunday. I loved sitting with her and Brian Bortz at the game. I’m glad I got to ask her about getting me some freeze pops and Bugles. They will be so yummy.

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