Wonderful week so far…

This week has been wonderful so far. Memorial Day was fantastic. I got to eat pasta salad, steak and hot dogs. I drew plenty of pictures for the Art of Autism calendar program that they are doing. I am looking forward to seeing the winners. If I become one of them, I get to have five calendars and give some to anybody who would like one.

Tonight was AMAZING. It was the last day of choir practice. Now that it’s over, I’ll miss it a lot. The other choir members are wonderful to me. My choir teacher is really kind as well. Marionne was there again, and I got to sit next to her at the gathering in the fellowship hall. We had ice cream sundaes!!! I ate two of them, and I had a great time there. The two ice cream sundaes I had were delicious. I can’t wait until Sunday so that I can see my brothers and sisters in Christ again, especially since some of them are in the choir with me.

I can’t wait until I sing the National Anthem at the baseball game next month. On June 12, I’ll be singing with the choir. I am so excited about that! I will be able to watch the baseball game too. Next month will be an amazing month. I am looking forward to it. It’lll be really awesome.

I am feeling very tired, so hopefully I will sleep until 10 am tomorrow. I must say I really had a great week. It’s been really great knowing that I have a choir that loves me, and a choir teacher that loves me too. I am hoping that next choir year there’ll be two cantatas, one for Christmas and one for Good Friday. Hopefully I get to practice much more than I did this year.

I hope I get to go on vacation this year. Maybe we could go on road trips to the Poconos one day this summer. But I do have an anniversary party that I will be attending, hopefully.

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