Wonderful last two days

Next week starts a new week. I am once again looking forward to the days that are to come. Anyway, I helped Mom and my stepdad put the big yellow cord to the room upstairs. It made me laugh that I had to come into Mom’s room to do it a few times.

Today was a fantastic day. In the afternoon I made some paper mache and I got in trouble for doing that because I had to ask Mom first. I didn’t ask her so I did it without asking her. Then my sister came over and brought me a chocolate peanut butter snowman. It tasted so good that I decided that I was gonna eat all of it. But Mom said I had to eat only a few bites and not the whole thing. I went right ahead and ate the whole thing anyway which is why she told me not to.

Tonight I watched the movie called Healed by Grace. I had missed fifteen minutes of it so I had to rush to put it on my computer. I love that movie. I want to get it on DVD one of these days. It was really exciting to see that movie again.

Later, I watched the movie called Another Perfect Stranger, but unfortunately, it paused for a long time. I was disappointed. Hopefully I will watch the movie in its entirety when I watch it again.

As I watched the movie Birdie and Bogey, I ate some yummy popcorn. PopSecret is my favorite brand of popcorn. I also ate the last bite of the chocolate peanut butter snowman Ashley gave me. That candy is so yummy.

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